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Artist Statement

Thoughts arising while intently observing the landscape while in motion naturally led me to explore the physiology and psychology of visual perception - how we see and how we interpret what we see. It is this phenomenon that I explore in my abstract paintings.

As a passenger traveling at 75 miles an hour in a car, I draw bits and pieces of the landscape as I pass through it. I record the way the road lines and the shapes of things in the scene appear to change and shift as they move toward me from out of the distance. These innately abstract line drawings, of which I’ve amassed hundreds, serve as my primary source material.

Each painting is a layered amalgamation of individual marks replicated from any number of these drawings. Although derived from the landscape these marks are not necessarily identifiable as such. I strive to combine them in ways that leave the possibilities for interpretation open and find myself compelled to juxtapose them into peculiar or uncertain pictorial spaces. In fact, the more peculiar they feel the better. My use of non-representational color and non-descriptive titles further extends my reach beyond the realm of landscape and into that of our psyches.


Lisa Bergant Koi earned her MA in painting from Illinois State University and her BFA from Bowling Green State University. She has exhibited nationally, and her work is held in private collections as well as the corporate collections of both PNC Bank and The Benter Foundation. She is an exhibiting member of the following professional organizations: Associated Artists of Pittsburgh, Group A Collective, and Pittsburgh Society of Artists.