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Lisa Bergant Koi's abstract paintings depict indeterminate spaces developed from her primary source material: sketches she makes of the landscape while traveling highways in a car. 

She draws the changing shapes and sizes she observes of anything in the landscape as she approaches and passes by it. She has drawn the white road lines while traversing them; shifting shadows beneath cars; tree branches, garbage, the negative spaces between guard rail posts, all as they come at her out of the distance.  She has amassed hundreds of these sketches. 

Combined with non-naturalistic color, each painting is a layered amalgamation of marks replicated from any number of these drawings. The paintings begin with randomly selected marks but progress to being intentionally configured over time. She is pulled toward using lines and shapes that are not quite identifiable or feel somehow skewed. In fact, the more ambiguous they are and the stronger the sense of peculiarity they add to the composition, the better. While painting, she also considers the physiology of perception: we each collect visual information that our brains configure into our own version of reality. In this regard, she considers her paintings to fall under the banner of conceptual realism. Her own sense of wonder in the world and the notion of the importance of the individual further inform her work. 


Lisa Bergant Koi holds an MA in painting from Illinois State University and a BFA from Bowling Green State University. She has exhibited nationally, and her work is held in private collections as well as the corporate collections of both PNC Bank and The Benter Foundation. She is an exhibiting member of the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Society of Artists professional organizations.





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Image by Nathan Shaulis