Configuring(63) Selected for "What Deepest Remains" Exhibition

I am delighted that Configuring(63) was selected by juror, Hilary D. Gent, for the Group A fall exhibition, “What Deepest Remains”.

The title of the exhibition comes from Walt Whitman’s poem, “The Wound Dresser,” first published in 1876, wherein the poet is asked to recount his experience tending soldiers in the hospital during the Civil War:

What stays with you latest and deepest? of curious panics,
Of hard-fought engagements or sieges tremendous what deepest remains?

The exhibition, which runs from October 4 through November 3, 2019, is part of a year-long celebration of the 75th anniversary of Group A’s founding. Group A, a selective Pittsburgh artist organization, was founded in 1944 in response to the lack of critical acceptance of abstract art in the area.

Configuring(63),   acrylic on panel, 30” x 24”

Configuring(63), acrylic on panel, 30” x 24”

Studio Break Podcast Episode #216: A Conversation with Artists Greg Edmondson and David Linneweh

It was fun participating in a three-person conversation for the latest episode of Studio Break. The host of the podcast, David Linneweh, along with artist Greg Edmondson and I discuss the direct or indirect influence of landscape in our work as well as a variety of topics involved in our respective studio practices. Click the button below for the direct link.

Details of paintings by Greg Edmondson, and Lisa Bergant Koi

Details of paintings by Greg Edmondson, and Lisa Bergant Koi

Harper College 41st Annual Small Works National Juried Exhibition

August 27 through September 27, 2018

Configuring(51), a 10 x 10" mixed media painting on panel from a yet to be published new series, has been selected by juror Leah Kolb, Curator at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, for inclusion in the 41st Annual Small Works National Juried Exhibition at Harper College in Palatine, Illinois. 

Eighteen works of art were selected from the 206 artists who submitted. It’s perennially a competitive exhibition to get into; I’m thrilled to have now had a painting accepted two of the three years I’ve submitted.

Click here to view images of all the work in the show!


"Lisa Bergant Koi: Configuring the Collection" Solo Exhibition

May 27 through July 8, 2018

I am honored to have been invited to exhibit at Jan Brandt Gallery in Bloomington, Illinois.

LisaKoi2018.05.22(edit)-005 low res.jpg

Photo credit: Nathan Shaulis


Photo credits: Image 6 by Nathan Shaulis, all others by Louis Andrew Seligman.

Departure(40) is off to Chicago

September 22 - October 20, 2017


"Woman Made Gallery's 20th International Open gives a generative view of the work being made by female-identified artists across art disciplines and conceptual imperatives,” writes Sharmyn Cruz Rivera in her juror’s statement. “This exhibition portrays a comprehensive exploration of contemporary formal experimentation complicated through themes of cultural history, gender expression, femme kinship, and body politics. This supple group of artists successfully pose exercises in materiality, humanity, and vulnerability – a testimony of the potent production of women artists.”

I am delighted to have one of 31 pieces (selected from over 600 submissions) in this exhibition. Click here for a list of participating artists and images of their work.

Departure(hot orange) in Louisiana exhibition July 8 - August 19, 2017

My painting, Departure(hot orange), was one of 34 selected out of 465 artworks submitted to the St. Tammany Art Association's 52nd Annual National Juried Artists' Exhibition: The Summer Show.  

Departure(hot orange)

Juror William Fagaly, the Curator Emeritus for the New Orleans Museum of Art and the museum's former Francoise Billion Richardson Curator of African Art (retired), stated, "From my conscientious and careful deliberations, the resulting show is a grouping of works I found most compelling, the most accomplished, the most original and the best crafted.  I hope the exhibition gives its viewers as much pleasure as it has me."

I am honored that my work was included in this group!  

Review: POINTS OF VIEW Gleams at Bar Marco

By Rodney Burrell, Editor, LocalArts Magazine, Pittsburgh

Lisa Bergant Koi and Lauren Braun opened a joint exhibit at Bar Marco entitled “Points of View”, a rigid, yet fluid display of our varying perspectives. Koi and Braun’s work, both in drawing and painting, create a fictional atmosphere of reality; an almost twilight-zone experience as you stare down undulating movements in space.

The vast nature of each piece possesses a labyrinth of scenarios that speak to a dark sense of normality with captivation as its muse. A muted palette with splashes of color add depth, character, and hope to each work, Koi and Braun create a stunning narrative that not only toys with the senses, but encourages the imagination.

Points of View runs through April 2nd.

Photos by Julie Kahlbaugh

Lauren Braun and Lisa Bergant Koi: Points of View

The Union Hall, 2nd floor, 2216 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. February 2nd through April 2nd, 2017.  

To see more of Lauren's artwork, visit her website

Artist Interview #9: 2D Artist Lisa Bergant Koi

By Porter Loves Creative

After a brief hiatus from our series of artist interviews, we're thrilled to return with the intriguing work of Lisa Bergant Koi. While her work is rooted in landscape, she does not consider herself a landscape painter. Hundreds of lines and gestures captured while riding as a passenger in a car serve as the primary source material for her finished works.

We met Lisa in her sun-filled Etna studio in early November. She is working hard in preparation for a two-person show with a former interviewee, Lauren Braun so we consider ourselves especially lucky that she carved some time out to speak with us.


Were are you from?
I grew up about 20 minutes east of downtown Cleveland.


What neighborhood do you live in now?
I'm on the east side.  Prior to moving to Pittsburgh, I lived in Atlanta.

Why do you choose to make art in Pittsburgh?
I think that you make art where you land. You do it where you are.


What is your favorite part of being an artist in Pittsburgh?

I find the cultural buzz in Pittsburgh very exciting. There are many visual artists making very interesting work here and many places all over town in which to see that work. We have the Cultural District downtown, Lawrenceville, Friendship/Garfield, Braddock, the PCA in Shadyside, Neu Kirche on the north side. Each area and venue offers a unique experience for not only artists but for the public at large.

Also, I have found an intelligent, dedicated, open and supportive community here. I have a lot of fun with the artists I know, and I enjoy and need the shop talk with them during studio visits and exhibition openings.

What would you love to see more of in the Pittsburgh arts scene?

I don’t have a fully formed opinion about that yet, although I know that there is a lot of ingenuity here. If a need is not being met, someone finds a way to meet it.


What’s your favorite music to jam to in the studio?
Most often it’s silent in the studio. But when thinking gets in the way of action, my go to is Thom Yorke, any form of Thom Yorke.

What other things do you do when you are not making art…that is, IF you have any free time?
Because I’m working toward this two-person show in February, it’s all art all the time. If I’m not in the studio, I’m looking at art, or reading about art, or writing about my own work. That’s what I’m choosing to do right now.


What would you tell other artists who are just starting out?

If you’re going to do it, do it. Be dedicated. Keep learning. Two of my favorite things in town to take advantage of are CMU’s visiting artist lectures and their grad student exhibition critiques, both open to the public. Also, the monthly critiques at Neu Kirche are great for getting feedback on projects from people who may or may not be familiar with your work. Whether I’m presenting work or not, I always come away having learned something there; the social aspect of the evening is a bonus.

Photography by Nathan Shaulis of Porter Loves Creative.

Thank you, Sam and Nathan!